23 August 2008

The Lego Minifigure Turns 30 and so do I (soon enough)

I'll have to find some good quotation on aging...

In less than three years I turn 30. I know I'm getting old. Although I've been complaining about teenagers since I was a teenager, I think I complain about them more now that I work with them. I've got to trim nose hairs (for a few years now), for God's sake (if there is one, that is).

I had a conversation with my friend M a few weeks ago about pants no longer fitting. It's that damnable top button that never wants to give a little more. We both agreed that if it really became an issue, we'd actually get off our asses and do something about it instead of simply bitching about getting old. For now, I suck it in, latch that button and pray it holds.

What the fuck, Adam Sandler? I think it's his comedy in which he refers to hitting age 30 and noticing how metabolism slows down and the weight starts adding on. Yeah. Two years ago I remember being around 165. Now I'm around 190? Shit. Time for new pants and more physical activities. If only my body had waited until I turned 30.

Who do I blame? The English Department at NAU. Yeah. Three novels a week. Let me do all that reading at the belabored pace I often read at because I can't help it. While some comics are same way, most of them aren't so laborious to read. I don't really blame the Lit. program; they're my scapegoat. I signed on for it. I could've walked more, gotten out more, but I'm a procrastinator.

Now all you older readers are going to scoff at me and my youth and somewhat unwarranted complaints. You've all dealt with this for 10, 20, 30 or more years. What the hell do I have to crank about? I wasn't expecting it this early. That's what.

And now the Lego minifigure reaches a few milestones. Happy Birthday Lego minifigure - from me and Wallpaper.com. I still love you no matter how fat and old you get. No matter if your pants fit and your nose hairs splay themselves without scruples.

According to that hyperlink, there are over 4 billion minifigures populating the world. How many of those 4 billion do you think I possess?

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Stephen said...

Wait until all of the aches and pains start.