19 October 2010

Mix Tape..Mixed Up? You like Huey Lewis and the News?

Mix tape and mixed up. Say either really quickly without enunciating and I think they might sound the same. Mixed ape. I'll invent a new alcoholic beverage to be consumed only with hamburgers. I shall call it...Mixed Ape!

It's almost 2 am. I left the house (apartment) for maybe ten minutes today to walk the dog and take out the garbage. It was cloudy all day and I didn't know to know this. I probably only woke up at 11 because the mailman (woman) rang the bell with a book from Australia (not for me). A majority of my day was spent playing catch up or is it ketch up? Both are red and remind me of coagulated blood (not really). I am mostly caught up with grades. Finally. I have one assignment from one class to grade until it all begins again this Thursday, the start of the school week. I have a whole unit to put together for each course. It will be done.

What's this all have to do with being mixed up? With mix tapes (iTunes playlist)? I haven't been able to compose one (arrange songs) in ages. Years it seems. I'm trying to fathom the last time such a CD or playlist was made. Why have I been unable to make one? I owe someone a Springsteen mix CD. But what do I owe myself? Since I spend so little time in my car (which seems to be dying too soon) since I teach all online this semester it might be somewhat pointless for the purpose of making driving more enjoyable. Right now I about hate the world for many details I won't elaborate on here. Not right now. I have so little creative drive, yet so much time to create FML.

I suppose to keep this in some sort of theme of the title of the blog, I just listened to the best. song. recently. Paul Allen Band's "A Call to Arms" from This Is War. Truly the band is called 30 Seconds to Mars, but since Jared Leto played Paul Allen in American Psycho, I refer to the band as Paul Allen's. Leto hits some amazing notes and it makes me think him even more awesome than that Gator Boy movie.

Wait. Something's happening. I just added the final song (my first selection) to LMT's Springsteen mix. That's her new nomenclature within my limited community of experts, including only myself. LMT like NPH. A song. A solitary song with the most beautiful intense crooning at its end. Is crooning appropriate for what the Boss bellows from deep within his gut? I don't know but it still about gives me chills. Sometimes I wish the song ended as he comes off one of those notes instead of with the piano's final note.

On my final note, try getting a fucking reservation at Dorsia now you fucking filthy bastard!

I hope I'm back. Does this mean I'm back? Does it take the Boss and two-and-a-half minutes of Bateman to bring me back? I wish. I wish...