02 December 2009

Impressed: Friends on the web

I must say I am impressed with my friend's new blog I convinced her to create: 3Liters Per Day. The push for its creation is all I take credit for; the rest is all her.

I hope to see more of this excellence in the future. It's funny, it's sad. It's plain powerful.

Her Thanksgiving 2009 post, titled Creases, paints an accurate (Re: vivid, somewhat disturbing) picture of some (Re: probably many) post-nuclear families (Re: consisting of something other than mom, dad, kids, and maybe Nana) of the turn of the millennium. Distant, divorced, divorcing strangers (Re: family) in the TV of reality, true reality television more fucked up and more real than that shit on CBS, E!, or Fox. I believe she is wrong about the holiday experience existing without masks because it seems that's what her family's holidays are about. There's probably plenty of writhing too, though the chains and screams are more or less silent and the only thing fleshless is the turkey after the first serving.

I've known her for three years, but I might count time by how many relationships she's had. Brilliantly introspective, the author also reveals something relationships that's probably timeless as far as some relationships go, but also paints a vivid picture of the her experiences with boys, as she calls them still. Perhaps because she sits at the children's table at 30. What are they to her and where is the one who really won't leave? Wait, they leave her?

Yes, her relationships are almost always 'legitimately complicated,' as she writes, and this makes for great stories, great pathos, and something to talk and think about as we might ponder our own relationship with our relationships and what we want from life. It's complicated. Legitimately so.

Fig. 1: Here is a picture of a saguaro cactus at the Anthem shopping outlets I took in May 2008 before exiting Arizona with no intention to live there again.


3Liters Per Day said...

That was really inspiring. I'm about to write another blog about some shit I got into last night.

Thanks for the sweet review.

Lazy Bone said...

Thats a great link you posted!
oh, and I think Arizona is beautiful!